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Meet MobilePilot

digital technology

The new navigation era

Forget about complex installation systems. We are here to make your life easy.

Discover the full potential of MobilePilot’s innovative technology and enjoy easier and safer boating.

All you need to worry about is choosing your favorite color. Our system is universal.




Change the passive wheel from your boat to the MobilePilot. We have developed a tool that will allow you to do so super easily and in less than 15 minutes. No boat modifications are required.

Download Searebbel’s app and connect to your MobilePilot via Bluetooth. Control your boat from any mobile device. 

Main features




30 Nm Torque


Direct drive motor


Over the air updates

Route smoothing

Pre-order your MobilePilot for 50€ now and save 400€

Target price: 2.500 €

Free returns. No boat modifications. 200 units available.

Final price 1900€

Free returns. No boat modifications. 200 units available

The estimated launch to market is the end of 2024. You will be the first to know 🙂

Absolutely nothing. Test it during two weeks and return it for free. No questions asked.

Nothing again. GPS does not need mobile coverage. Maps will be updated while you have access to internet.