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Searebbel offers the ultimate solution for assisted navigation through innovation, technology and efficiency. Providing solutions to enhance the 
usercentric navigation experience.


Inspired by the ancient nautical wisdom

Why “Searebbel”? Our brand’s name is inspired by Navigational Charts known as Rebbilib. These are the first nautical charts from the Marshall Islands, made using coconut midrib and fiber.

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Dating back to the 19th to early 20th century, these charts are not only a testament to the navigational skills of the Marshallese people and their connection to the sea but also mark the pioneering efforts in chartmaking. Originating from the Marshall Islands in Oceania, they offer a unique glimpse into the islanders’ maritime heritage and artistry.

Long before GPS devices, people mapped and navigated the world using natural phenomena, or signs in nature, like star patterns, the flight of birds, and the swell of ocean currents. The circle on the top right of this stick chart represents an island, while the curved lines show the way waves rebound off islands as water hits their shores.

Early navigators from the Marshall Islands used these charts to sail across vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean. This knowledge continues to be passed down from generation to generation.

This chart was used only on land and would never have been brought on board a boat. An experienced explorer would memorize the map and be able to feel the waves rocking his canoe in order to reach his destination. These charts were also used as teaching tools for young sailors and usually could only be understood by the people who created them.

    "Thrilled to be part of Searebbel's journey! The founders showcase an impressive blend of visionary leadership and technical brilliance."

    Bernardo Llull


      "I had the privillege to test Searebbel's MobilePilot. The level of innovation packed into this product is remarkable. It's not just easy to use; it's a game-changer in mobile technology."

      Tony Smith

      Yacht captain & tester

        “It’s a great solution for assisted navigation in every kind of boat and knowledge. Looking forward to test the final product.”

        Sebastian March

        CEO Nautilus Charter

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        Funded by ‘Puertos 4.0’

        We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected as winners of 'Puertos 4.0' grant, ranking as the second-best project among hundreds of innovative companies in the nautical industry.

        Palma International Boat Show

        This April we’ll be at Palma's Interbational Boat show. Join us in Mallorca to explore firsthand the diverse designs and innovative features of MobilePilot. Don't miss the chance to connect with us and witness the future of mobile technology


        Simplify and democratize recreational boating

        To leverage technological disruption through digitalization to simplify and democratize recreational boating, making it easy and accessible for everyone.


        Revolutionize the recreational boating industry

        To revolutionize the recreational boating industry by becoming the leading digital brand that empowers individuals to effortlessly enjoy boating experiences, creating a world where anyone can embrace the joy of boating without barriers.

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