Smart assisted navigation system

A new way to navigate. Enjoy what really matters and benefit from SeaRebbel’s MobilePilot experience.

navigation innovation

Searebbel offers the ultimate solution for assisted navigation through innovation, technology and usability. Providing solutions to enhance the user-centric navigation experience.

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Advanced nautical expertise

Discover the full potential of MobilePilot’s innovative technology and enjoy easier and safer boating



exclusive design


Easy boating. Made for everyone.

Easy to buy

Fits any boat with a steering wheel.

Easy to install

Installation in less than 15 minutes, without technical knowledge.

Easy to use

Optimized user experience, feel the control from your phone.


Augmented security is ensured as it is always linked to your mobile device. Notifications are sent to ensure rapid responsiveness.

Navigation control modes

Use the navigation mode that best suits your sailing style.
The same system for every situation.

Course follower

Press 'play' and keep your boat on course.


Mark your points of interest and we will draw the route to follow.

Draw your path

Use your finger to draw the route you want to follow.

Point & Go

Point to your destination with your mobile and the MobilePilot will take you there.

Built for sailing.
Designed for enjoyment.

Install Searebbel on your boat and enjoy the things that really matter. Feel the control of a smart assistant.

Pre-order your MobilePilot for 50€
now and save 400€

Main benefits

Pre-order for 50€

    Final price 1900€

    Free returns. No boat modifications.

    200 units available

    The estimated launch to market is the end of 2024. You will be the first to know 🙂

    Aboslutely no problem. Return it within two weeks, no questions asked.

    Nothing again. GPS does not need mobile coverage. Maps will be updated while you have access to internet.

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