These sales conditions apply to any item purchased from Searebbel S.L. through the (hereinafter «the Site»), and the Customer accepts them upon confirming their order. Searebbel S.L. may modify these Sales Conditions at any time.


All orders placed through the Site are subject to availability and acceptance by Searebbel S.L. We reserve the right to modify the range of items presented on the Site and, in particular, limit the quantity of items that a Customer can request in a single shopping session at any given time.

MobilePilot products are offered for pre-order through the Site. By making a payment of €50, the Customer reserves the rights to enjoy exclusive benefits at the time of purchase when the product becomes available for shipping.

Pre-Order and Benefits:

  • The pre-order of MobilePilot is confirmed upon the deposit of €50.
  • By making the deposit, the Customer secures the right to exclusive benefits when purchasing the product once it is available for shipping.

Purchase Process:

  • When MobilePilot is on market and ready to be shipped, Searebbel will contact the Customer to complete the purchase process.
  • The Customer must make the remaining payment for the acquisition of the product.
  • Once the total amount is received, Searebbel commits to processing the shipment of MobilePilot.

Item Availability:

  • Only items featuring the «BUY» button are available for sale through the Site.
  • For information regarding the availability of items, the Customer can contact our customer service.

This policy aims to provide transparency and ensure a satisfactory experience for our customers. We appreciate your trust in Searebbel S.L.


To place an order through the Site, the Customer must enter their personal information. During registration, the Customer is required to provide valid and up-to-date personal information, such as their full name and address at C/Poeta Costa i Llobera, 47, Inca: 07300, Balearic Islands, Spain, and email address.

If there are changes to the information provided on the Site, the Customer must notify Searebbel S.L. of the changes at the following address: C/Poeta Costa i Llobera, 47, Inca: 07300, Balearic Islands, Spain, or via email at


All prices displayed on the pages of European Union countries* include VAT and do not cover shipping costs or other applicable taxes unless specified otherwise.

The prices shown on pages for countries outside the European Union* do not include VAT and also do not cover shipping costs or other applicable taxes unless specified otherwise.

For purchases made during the pre-order period for the MobilePilot product, Searebbel S.L. provides the following information:

Exclusive Pre-Order:

  • Current purchases are limited to pre-orders of the MobilePilot product through a €50 deposit.
  • Customers making the pre-order with this deposit will receive exclusive benefits, including exemption from shipping costs.

Price and Shipping Cost Information:

  • Specific prices and shipping costs will be detailed and applied when the MobilePilot is available for purchase.
  • Searebbel S.L. reserves the right to adjust prices and shipping costs, but customers will pay the amounts in effect at the time of order confirmation.

Errors in Prices:

  • In case of technical or typographic errors in prices during the pre-order, Searebbel S.L. undertakes to contact the customer for confirmation before processing the order.

Shipping Costs for Pre-Orders:

  • During the pre-order period, customers making the €50 deposit will not incur additional shipping costs.

Confirmation and Billing:

  • Precise details of actual shipping costs and applicable VAT will be provided at the time of purchase confirmation and will be included in the Order Confirmation and invoice, if the customer wishes to receive one.

Changes in Prices and Shipping Costs:

  • Searebbel S.L. reserves the right to modify prices and shipping costs at any time, with updates reflected at the time of order confirmation.

Customers can check shipping costs and other applicable taxes in the «Shipping and Taxes» section of the Site. We appreciate your understanding and trust during this exciting MobilePilot pre-order period.


Searebbel S.L. accepts the following forms of payment for purchases in the online store:

Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay…)

In compliance with current legislation in Spain, we must issue an invoice for purchases exceeding €3,000. In these cases, we will ask you to provide your NIF. When placing an order, the Customer must enter payment details in the corresponding form. Searebbel S.L. will not store the customer’s payment card number or security code.

Cardholders are subject to validation and authorization checks by the card-issuing entity. If the card-issuing entity does not authorize payment to Searebbel S.L., the Customer must contact their card issuer to resolve the issue. In such cases, Searebbel S.L. will not be responsible for delays or non-delivery.

If the user makes a credit card payment, banking data will be transmitted securely to the bank responsible for providing the respective remote electronic payment services, and no third party can access them. Such data will only be used by Searebbel S.L. to complete purchase procedures, issue corresponding refunds in case of returns, and prevent and report to law enforcement in case of fraud. The purchase amount will be charged when the order is confirmed and the confirmation is sent to the Customer.


If you place an order through the Site, the Customer must provide the personal information indicated, such as delivery address at C/Poeta Costa i Llobera, 47, Inca: 07300, Balearic Islands, Spain, billing address at C/Poeta Costa i Llobera, 47, Inca: 07300, Balearic Islands, Spain, and payment information. Searebbel S.L. reserves the right to reject, cancel, and annul orders at any time. Searebbel S.L. may reject, cancel, or annul a Customer’s order if there is an unresolved pending conflict regarding the payment of a previous order or if there is suspicion of fraudulent activity or a violation of these Sales Conditions.


Once the order has been processed and is ready for shipment, Searebbel S.L. will provide the Customer with a tracking number to monitor the order status.

During delivery, a signature from an adult confirming receipt of the order is required, at which point the risk and responsibility for the purchased products are transferred to the Customer. If the Customer specifies a recipient for the shipment other than themselves (e.g., for a gift), the Customer understands and accepts that the signature of the recipient in question (or at the corresponding delivery address C/Poeta Costa i Llobera, 47, Inca: 07300, Balearic Islands, Spain) will be sufficient proof of delivery and fulfillment of the sales contract, with the risk and responsibility transferred to the recipient in the same way as if the product had been delivered to the Customer.


All orders are subject to product availability. If, at the time of order issuance, Searebbel S.L. detects the lack of stock of any of the products included, Searebbel S.L. will attempt to locate the product through other means within its reach. If such availability is not possible, the customer will be notified immediately. Additionally, the amount of the charged and unshipped item will be refunded to the customer in the following days, using the same payment method used in the purchase.


The Customer has the right to return within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date Searebbel S.L. confirmed the shipment of the order. Returns will not be accepted after the refund period has elapsed.

Return fees and policies will be detailed when the product is available for sale.


The digital production of our website has been carried out in our facilities with the greatest effort and care. However, due to different device configurations, we cannot guarantee that the color of the item exactly matches the color seen on a screen.


Jurisdiction and Applicable Law: The provisions of these Sales Conditions will be governed by the laws of Spain. Likewise, the contract for the purchase of the Products and any conflicts or claims related to it will be governed by the laws of Spain. Except as provided by law, the Customer and Searebbel S.L. agree that the courts of CITY (Spain) will have exclusive jurisdiction.

Note: In the case of any inconsistency, discrepancy, or divergence in interpretation between the Spanish version and any other version in other languages of this publication, the Spanish version will prevail.